• Crema íntima masculina con acción blanqueante. Una crema blanqueadora para el cuidado íntimo del hombre

Male intimate cream whitening effect


Rejuvenating cream with special whitening action for men’s intimate area. Designed to attenuate the pigmentation of the skin the penis. It contains 2 plant extracts (licorice and papaya) that give its anti-wrinkle feature, regenerating and exfoliating properties, to facilitate the renewal of the skin and return the uniform tone in addition to preventing premature aging and the formation of new spots on the skin. Also contains açai extract, rice, argan, oil and 5 vitamins that will reduce the sings of aging, to obtein a younger, smoother and hydrated appearance of the penis and testicles.

How to use: Apply the necesary amount in the zone and massage until completely absorbed.



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Rejuvenating row with whitening action for the intimate area of ​​men. Designed to attenuate skin pigmentation

of the penis, since in addition to its advanced formula it contains two plant extracts such as licorice and papaya.

It is the result of advanced studies of the Spanish industry.

In addition, thanks to its complete formula of acai extract, rice, argan oil, collagen and our group of super vitamins, they provide it with anti-wrinkle, regenerating and elasticizing properties for the skin, it prevents premature aging, the appearance of new spots, and you get a younger, smoother and more hydrated penis appearance.

Elastin is a protein that is part of the connective tissue that provides resistance and toughness, in addition to providing elasticity to the skin, ligaments and arteries. This component keeps the skin firm and looking good, so it is decisive when it comes to keeping our skin young.

The intimate cream for men was born from the idea of ​​the latent need, to take care of a very important part of the male body, and that we have forgotten, when it comes to hydrating, caring for, improving, rejuvenating and protecting.

As there are specific products for other parts of the body, Multivitamin Creams, together with the most prestigious laboratories, develop a line specifically designed to care for the intimate zone.

The deterioration of the skin of some penises with the passage of age had been observed, which over time appear as poorly hydrated, and with an older and less smooth appearance. They were losing their appearance. The creams that were used were not suitable or designed for the genital area, because they could contain alcohol or elements that were not useful, or even that did not respect the PH of the skin in this intimate area, which is why the intimate cream was devised male, focused on the genital area, and with the necessary and appropriate assets to provide the corresponding health benefits, care, softness, hydration, nutrition, elasticity and improvement of its appearance.

Also with age, the genital area tends to darken. In this way, the Multivitamin cream with Papaya and Licorice extract tends to recover the color, from when you are younger.

In summary: its properties are provided by the following natural active ingredients such as: coenzyme Q10, papaya extract, licorice extract, acai, rice protein, argan oil, arginine, pyridoxine hydrochloride, trace elements, vitamin B5, vitamin B3, vitamin C and vitamin E. It is skin depigmenting, brings luminosity and uniformity to the skin, also nourishes it, protects it against oxidative processes, contains regenerative and moisturizing properties, avoiding this way skin aging and trapping free radicals. Its yellow tone is conferred by argan oil. It is a male intimate cream to whiten the skin of the penis and testicles, which promotes and improves their care and appearance, since in addition to having the masterful formula of the normal intimate cream, this intimate gel with whitening action, thanks to the extract of papaya and licorice, you get a whiter penis, which with age tends to darken. It is presented in a 100 mL format, and an airless packaging system, to keep its contents with the properties intact.

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