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Day/Night Face Cream Hidratante & Antiaging Concentré 50 ml


About this product

• Anti-aging moisturizing cream formulated for men and women. Rejuvenates and tightens.

• Fight 5 signs of aging in one gesture; smoothes wrinkles, moisturizes the skin, firms the skin, improves luminosity, protects against external aggressions.

• Formula enriched with 10 natural ingredients, a powerful antioxidant that helps the skin to defend itself against external aggressions that contribute to its visible aging.

• Moisturizing microemulsion, non-greasy or sticky texture that easily penetrates the skin.

• Contains extract of the divine tree of the Incas.

• Massage every morning and night on the clean skin of the face and neck.


Lubricant with moisturizing action (100 ml)


The fun edible intimate lubricant Multivitamin raspberry flavor, based on a hydrating active ingredient to improve the skin, and with high lubricating and dilating power. It lubricates to a greater extent than any other lubricant, takes care of your skin and is edible.

Thanks to the high glycerin component, it achieves benefits for the skin, since by retaining water, it helps it stay hydrated for longer.

It is one of the most advanced lubricants to date, with the quality of the Spanish brand and of the most recognized laboratories in the sector.

Moisturizing cream for buttocks (100 ml)


Product indicated for use in the perianal intimate area and for the buttocks. Thanks to active components (licorice, kojic acid, vitamin C and A, rosehip oil and other organic components), this cream is responsible for toning, hydrating, regenerating and rejuvenating the skin. In addition, it is the best ally to combat hyperpigmentation and make unwanted spots and marks that are characteristic of the skin disappear.

It\'s time to bet on the most efficient and long-lasting creams of the moment!

*** Quality guarantee.

*** Dermatologically tested product.

*** Fast and discreet shipping.

Moisturizing cream for the perianal area and buttocks (50ml travel format).


Cream that does not have a high chemical component. There are creams that contain parabens, alcohol and even that do not respect the neutral PH of the skin, therefore, certain gels are not advisable to apply on mucous membranes, since they absorb any type of substances, and the perineum is an area of ​​mucous membranes. Multivitamin intimate creams are respectful of these areas. Because the mucosa of the body (perineum, vagina, eyes, mouth, glans) absorb what is applied. If the components are strong, for example, the chemistry of some common creams on the market, and you apply this cream, which has contact with the mucosa, it absorbs it. In this way, harmful elements are introduced into the body ...