Moisturizing cream for the perianal area and buttocks (50ml travel format).


Cream that does not have a high chemical component. There are creams that contain parabens, alcohol and even that do not respect the neutral PH of the skin, therefore, certain gels are not advisable to apply on mucous membranes, since they absorb any type of substances, and the perineum is an area of ​​mucous membranes. Multivitamin intimate creams are respectful of these areas. Because the mucosa of the body (perineum, vagina, eyes, mouth, glans) absorb what is applied. If the components are strong, for example, the chemistry of some common creams on the market, and you apply this cream, which has contact with the mucosa, it absorbs it. In this way, harmful elements are introduced into the body ...



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There are intimate areas, both genitals, buttocks and perineums left from adequate daily treatment. From Multivitamin Creams, we want to raise awareness about protecting and improving the skin in these areas, since it is useless to work the buttocks if we do not take care of them at the skin level, because the result will not be complete or beautiful, after work in the Gym or any other type of exercise. Even after everyday life, after a good shower. Hence the intimate cream and the buttock and perineum cream. It is useless to have super hard and worked asses if we have very dry, dehydrated, poorly cared for skin, with very little life, little appearance, dull and it shows that it is not healthy skin, if not rather aged, dehydrated, dry / parched, poorly hydrated, dull and dull. Being a great pity that we do squats and then we do not do the exercise of applying a suitable cream such as Multivitamin to take care of and complete your improvement. Exercising comprehensive care on the buttocks. We want to make a call to people to take care of this area, and not only apply cream on the hands, around the eyes, on the face, legs, neck, since in this part of the body it is also needed, maintaining and unifying the skin tone. If, on the contrary, you want to have a wild area, dehydrated and with little life, do not use the Multivitamin cream. This cream is aimed at people who take care of themselves, who wish to improve the appearance of the skin of the buttocks and perineum.

The skin of the buttocks has a different thickness to other parts of the body and also loses firmness and worsens for the following reasons:




Abrupt weight loss

Everyday stress

Environmental pollution


Little perspiration from being in a covered area

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