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Anti-aging eye contour


Premium eye contour, with proven results. Smoothes expression lines, hydrates, nourishes and rejuvenates, beautifying and improving your look. In a 30 ml container, it contains natural elements to reduce wrinkles, such as fucus algae extract, horse chestnut extract, calendula flower extract, butcher's broom root extract, aloe vera, caffeine , and a derivative of retinol, with 5 vitamins, capable of giving the skin a younger and healthier appearance. It is the result of advanced studies of the Spanish industry and the most recognized national laboratories. Its advanced and innovative formula achieves very good results.

It can also be used as a Serum.



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La Crema para los ojos con Retinol, algas, cafeína, aloe vera, caléndula y vitaminas, antiarrugas en 30 ml. rejuvenece el contorno, alisa las líneas de expresión. Es muy hidratante. Renueva los tejidos conjuntivos reforzando la capacidad de hidratación. Hecho en España, FORMULADO CON INGREDIENTES DE CALIDAD MÉDICA | Crema para los ojos y la cara con retinol MULTIVITAMIN.

Tonifica las arterias y los capilares. Descongestión del tejido conjuntivo. Anti irritante, antiséptico. Hidrata y tonifica el área sensible alrededor de los ojos. TE ENCANTARÁ LA FORMA EN QUE ESTA CREMA AYUDA A RESTAURAR LA FIRMEZA Y ELASTICIDAD DE LA ZONA DEL CONTORNO DE OJOS. SATISFECHO O REEMBOLSADO!.

Aumenta el metabolismo cutáneo, elimina la retención de agua alrededor del ojo. Rehidratando de forma natural y regenerando la piel.

Mejora la circulación venosa, y fortalece las paredes de los capilares. Es también antidematoso, venotónico y antiflamatorio. Caléndula, cafeína y alga fucus | ¡Estos 3 ingredientes son ricos en antioxidantes! Todos tienen propiedades que promueven la curación celular, combaten las arrugas y las líneas finas.

Mejora el aspecto de la piel y la confiere de un aspecto más joven por su efecto antiaging. Aplicar con ligeros toquecitos, en el contorno de los ojos. GARANTÍA 100% SATISFECHA | YEOUTH te ofrece las mejores cremas antiarrugas, hidratantes y antienvejecimiento disponibles. Si no estás COMPLETAMENTE SATISFECHO, devuélvelo para obtener un reembolso completo. COMPRAR AHORA.

El Contorno de ojos vitaminado con un derivado del retinol, que contiene además: extracto de castaño de indias, alga fucus, cafeína, aloe vera, extracto de caléndula, de raíz de rusco y nuestro pack de vitaminas; los cuales ayudan a tonificar, rejuvenecer, hidratar y regenerar la piel del contorno de los ojos, mejorando la apariencia, eliminando la grasa y diluyendo las líneas de expresión en su contorno. Según sus componentes naturales, se destacan las siguientes propiedades de sus activos:

The Eye Cream with Retinol, algae, caffeine, aloe vera, calendula and vitamins, anti-wrinkle in 30 ml. rejuvenates the contour, smoothes fine lines. It is very hydrating. It renews the connective tissues, reinforcing the hydration capacity. Made in Spain, FORMULATED WITH MEDICAL QUALITY INGREDIENTS | MULTIVITAMIN retinol eye and face cream.

Tones the arteries and capillaries. Decongestion of connective tissue. Anti irritant, antiseptic. Hydrates and tones the sensitive area around the eyes. YOU WILL LOVE THE WAY THIS CREAM HELPS TO RESTORE THE FIRMNESS AND ELASTICITY OF THE EYE CONTOUR AREA. SATISFIED OR REFUNDED !.

Increases skin metabolism, eliminates water retention around the eye. Rehydrating naturally and regenerating the skin.

Improves venous circulation, and strengthens the walls of the capillaries. It is also antidematous, venotonic and anti-inflammatory. Calendula, caffeine and fucus seaweed | These 3 ingredients are rich in antioxidants! They all have properties that promote cell healing, fight wrinkles and fine lines.

Improves the appearance of the skin and gives it a more youthful appearance due to its anti-aging effect. Apply with light touches, around the eyes. 100% SATISFIED GUARANTEE | YEOUTH brings you the best anti-wrinkle, moisturizing and anti-aging creams available. If you are not COMPLETELY SATISFIED, return it for a full refund. 

Horse chestnut extract is one of the best remedies for toning the arteries and capillaries, acquiring anti-inflammatory, anti-oedematous, venotonic and vasoprotective properties. It acts on the capillaries improving their fragility, permeability and resistance.

Fucus algae contains iodine and trace elements, with a lipid dragging action and decongestion of connective tissue, by facilitating the diffusion of retained fats and water. In addition, it has detoxifying properties.

Calendula has emollient, protective, soothing, anti-irritant and antiseptic properties.

Caffeine removes accumulated water and fat.

Aloe vera hydrates and regenerates the skin with the help of its trace elements and amino acids.

The vitamins and other natural substances it contains help to hydrate, soothe, improve the appearance of the skin and reduce wrinkles.

In summary, the Premium Multivitamin Eye Contour, with its advanced formula, provides spectacular and proven results. It is presented in a 30 mL container, with an airless system, to preserve its properties. Its natural components such as the extract of fucus algae, calendula, butcher's broom root, horse chestnut, vitamins and a derivative of retinol, improve the appearance of the skin, with its anti-aging and moisturizing action.

Pharmacy doctors acknowledge that they are not a fan of shortcuts when it comes to skin care, but they do defend the option of making small modifications: "Like, for example, using the facial cleanser in the shower, before rinsing off, we can massage our cleanser and remove it while removing the shampoo and shower gel. Also finding a serum or cream that provides immediate comfort and visible results will help us to miss it more quickly if we do not apply it. Finally, there is the trick of using the Multivitamin eye contour as a serum, although it is not an economical option, it is fast and effective to prevent aging, since these products usually contain mixtures of antioxidants and peptides that block the loss of collagen and elastin "

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